Tulia offers Mediterranean diet snacks that are convenient for on-the-go moments. Their products are 100% whole foods, promising natural energy and a taste that melts in your mouth.


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ABDI is a custom body kit creator for exotic cars, delivering personalized designs to enhance vehicle aesthetics and performance.

Doors dubai

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A luxuries restaurant based in Dubai, that offers all kinds of quality food, starting from their famous steaks all the way to their fresh fish.

The art of grace

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The Art of Grace is a Toronto-based film production company specializing in creating cinematic commercials that emphasize artistic storytelling and emotional engagement.


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a creative branding studio called SHIFTBRAIN based in Japan that specialize in branding.


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Toráin is a brand that creates high-quality sneakers and shoes, each designed to embody a specific deity with unique powers, inspired by the mystical stories of Toráin creatures.